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 Case Study 3 (Due: January 6, 2011)

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jealou azucena

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PostSubject: Case Study 3   Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:53 pm

Make a comprehensive reaction paper for the two movies in no less than 300 words each.
Make a comparative analysis of the two movies you chosen.

The movie Wall-E is a good example of the revolution of animation. The details of the movie is so overwhelming and the computer animation is so sophisticated and true to life.

The good thing about Wall-E is that there is more to marvel than just the animation. Wall-E is a sophisticated combination of science fiction and love story. And what's so charming about the love story is that it accomplishes all of it without dialogue.

Wall-E has been left behind on an Earth that can no longer sustain humanity. He’s a mobile trash compactor, and for 700 years, that’s what he’s been doing. But one day, a probe named Eve lands on Earth searching for life, and Wall-E falls RAM over motherboard in love with her.

But there’s a great change in the last part of Wall-E and a mostly unnecessary change of setting and tone that accompanies it. Left behind is a desolate home planet, a reminder of the sort of scourge man has brought to Earth over the last 150 years and what he’ll likely continue to do for many more. In its place is a technological marvel. A cruise ship in space, filled with robots catering to the every whim of the humans aboard, humans who over the many generations have grown so fat because they rely so much on machines that they can barely stand up.

It’s a warning worth heeding, but it doesn’t play very well in the film. It seems stuffed into place. And so, a brilliant, disarming, enchanting film becomes loud, busy, and bright. It’s not enough to sink what’s great about Wall-E but it sure makes you miss something about the movie.

Surrogates is a good a movie with a fantastic, thought provoking premise however I was slighty disappointed towards the end of the film. The movie setting is a futuristic world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogates robots. It generally shows the world living in utopia.

Based on my observation both movies represent the future of humankind and Earth although they differ on how they are portrayed. Wall-E is an animation film while Surrogates are acted by real people.

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Jezreel Jyl P. Hilado

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PostSubject: case study 3   Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:00 am

  • Make a comprehensive reaction paper for the two movies in no less than 300 words each.
  • Make a comparative analysis of the two movies you chosen.

The two movies that i have chosen to make a reaction paper and a comparative analysis are the surrogates and Wall-E since they were the only movies i remember the movies was all about. Actually, i already watched some of these movies before but then i wasn't able to remember the plot. That's why i have chosen these two movies is because they were the latest ones and luckily Wall-E is one of my favorite movies.

The first movie i have to make a reaction paper is the Wall-E which happens to be one of my favorite movies. Starring a box shaped little robot with more than a passing resemblance to E.T., WALL-E is quite possibly the cutest Pixar hero ever, despite the fact that he's a trash compactor with eyes. A story centering on a wordless robot could be cold and uninviting, but not in Pixar's capable hands. Never has a robot been this compassionate: WALL-E's got heart.The story of the film is deceptively simple. WALL-E (Waste Allocator Load Lifter - Earth Class) is the last of his kind, a robot created by the Buy-N-Large Corporation to clean up the piles of trash left on Earth by the conspicuous consumption of human beings. The humans themselves have evacuated the now-toxically trashed Earth for a Eden-like spaceship habitat called the Axiom (also created by BNL corp.), where they spend their days sipping meals out a cup and reclining on floating easy chairs. Things change drastically for WALL-E the day EVE shows up. She is slick and futuristic and quite obviously a girl; WALL-E falls in love almost immediately. It turns out EVE has been sent from the Axiom to scan the earth for signs of habitable life. Their convincing courtship is done completely without dialogue, quite a feat for sound designer Ben Burtt who found a way to make ambient noise into recognizable words for WALL-E. Trying to impress the coolly modern EVE, WALL-E shows her the seedling he found, at which point EVE goes into a hibernation state and awaits the return of her spaceship. WALL-E, of course, cannot abide by his beloved EVE's status and hitches a ride into space to save her. Though he is tiny and relegated to the dirtiest of the dirty jobs, WALL-E truly understands how to find value in sullied things and how to create magic out of useless objects. He is more human than the humans inthat way and slowly, without preaching (he can't even talk), WALL-E begins to show them how to regain what they have lost through sloth and over reliance on technology. [1]

The second movie is the Surrogates which was directed by Jonathan Mostow and the leading actor was played by Bruce Willis. Set in present day, people have found a new way to live their lives to the fullest — with surrogate robots. The robots are a sexy, physically perfect mechanical representations of themselves. Basically you’re you, only hotter and better at everything that you do. With everyone safe in their homes, free of pain, fear and consequences, the world is a utopia, that is until the first murder occurs and FBI agent Greer (Willis) will have to leave his surrogate behind and risk his life to unravel the mystery. In the not-so-distant future, technology has advanced to the point that humans use mind-controlled robots to go about their daily lives, letting the robots-- or surrogates-- experience the world while we relax at home in tricked-out Barcaloungers. Bruce Willis plays Greer, an FBI investigator who is at first living life like everyone else through his surrogate, who is Bruce Willis wearing a half-ton of pancake makeup and a ludicrous blond wig.

There are a lot of interesting ideas in Surrogates, from the intentionally wooden acting by some surrogates to the Wall-E-esque degradation of the human bodies behind the machines, but Mostow is far too absorbed in the nonsense conspiracy plot and frenetic action sequences to allow the audience to explore the world he's created. Half-baked and generic, Surrogates is entertaining enough for what it is, but a bland take on what could have been truly special. [2]

my blog >

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gleizelle jen dieparine

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PostSubject: Re: Case Study 3 (Due: January 6, 2011)   Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:22 pm

• Make a comprehensive reaction paper for the two movies in no less than 300 words each.
• Make a comparative analysis of the two movies you chosen.

One of the movie that I have watched is Wall-E .Wall E is a animated movie that talks about a robot that help people to realize that they the worth of earth and they should take all work in computerized way.
This movie makes me fascinated since it is a animated and the story is amazing. It is all about a robot named Wall-e, who is a designed to clean up a waste-covered Earth. The Earth for that days is just intend to be a trash can of all defective metals and wall-e is there to clean . Wall –e Found out a plant and bring it at home .As people found out that the earth produce plant ,they design Eve to examine ,where does it that planted. As Wall-e found out Eve in the earth, he had fallen in love right away. As Eve brings the plant to ships where people are living, wall-e follows her. In that he found out how people depend on a new technology. They don’t know how to stand, work and even eat using their hands.
With those memory that Eve has realizes humanity must return to restore their home. The captain wants the plant to die but Wall-e protected it. Since Wall-e is a defective robots, it is hard for him to do task for the best of the community. People that time doesn’t know how beautiful is the earth but then when eve and Wall-e put the plant into the holo-detector to activate the ship's hyper jump back to Earth. People realize how beautiful does the earth and how much the value of plant in living.
After that Wall-e’s is repair but memory had gone but then, Wall-e and Eve live happily and join people and robots in building up again the earth.

The next movie that Ive seen is Nine ,this movie is all a animated movie that talk about saving the earth. Nine rug doll is invented to save the earth.

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Joverly A. Gonzales

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PostSubject: Case Study 3   Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:47 pm

Die Hard 4
As I watch on this movie, the thing that describe this one in awesome. It is an American action film movie directed by Len Wiseman who’s the leading actor is Bruce Wills as John McClane. The story is about chasing the Virtual Terrorism who hack the system of the United Nation government. It really amazed me looking on the hacker on how they do such a very amazing job even their purpose is destruction to their country. They can able to manipulate the street light, the news or live broadcast, the power energy supply, and many more in just one set down on their chair.
I can say that this movie is near to realistic because now a day there are lot of hackers out-there who can be able to manipulate the system or program. I had heard a news a few month ago when the websites of the Philippines local government are hacked. Philippine Information Agency is being hacked few months ago, it showed a dark screen with showed the only Chinese flag. This was being done after the Hostage Massacre happened. I know that this example is not that dangerous compare to what the movie shown but there is a big possibility that this will happen. They start in a little program and then continue to the big one. In conclusion, technology now a day can be a benefit or detriment. It depends on how we used this.

The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element is a science fiction film because this movie involved the aliens live from the outer space and at the same time this movie is futuristic because of the spacecraft which is directed by Luc Besson, starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, Ian Holm, and Chris Tucker. The setting of the movie is very futuristic because of the floating car and the way of their living. The movie is about the survival of the mankind from the gargantuan evil that's hovering somewhere beyond the bounds of the solar system, blasting space ships as it waits around for forty- eight hours so our heroes can destroy it before it turns the planet into a cinder. It is not that amazing in terms of technology but I appreciate the actors and actress on how they played their role.
Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) escapes from the science lab that has recreated her, and takes a jump from the ledge of a rather high skyscraper wrapped in nothing but medical bandages, a look which has become one of the most iconic images of late-90s cinema. She handily falls into the cab of Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) and in a thrilling flying-car-chase up, down, along and through 23rd century New York, Dallas takes her to a priest (Ian Holm, clearly in it for the money) who knows all about the Fifth Element prophecy. However, there is another who wants Leeloo, the rather unpleasant arms-dealer Zorg (Gary Oldman).

In comparison with these two movies, the Fifth Element is futuristic while the Die Hard 4 is near to reality. They have the same style on how they entertain the viewers because the two movies. They have the same leading actor; he is Bruce Willis who is a very good actor. The Fifth Element movie is a science fiction movie where there are aliens while the Die Hard 4 is an action film movie.
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Tanya Clarissa G. Amancio

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PostSubject: Re: Case Study 3 (Due: January 6, 2011)   Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:51 am

MVBuladaco wrote:
Watch at least two of the following movies:
  1. Die Hard 4
  2. Wall e
  3. 9
  4. Surrogates
  5. The fifth element
  6. The Island
  7. Babylon AD
  8. I, Robot
  9. Equilibrium
  10. Minority Report

  • Make a comprehensive reaction paper for the two movies in no less than 300 words each.
  • Make a comparative analysis of the two movies you chosen.

The Live Free or Die Hard is one of the most spectacular movies I've seen. While spicing up with attention capturing details of each action, this movie leaves some excitements that I can’t help to be desired. I enjoyed watching this movie and surprise on what technology can do –mess in our country. It is one of the amazing movies I watched. No doubt that director Len Wiseman did a great job directing this film.
The main character in this movie was a NYPD detective John McClane (Bruce Willis), a toughest and heroic cop on the force with his nerdy sidekick Matt Farrell (Justin Long) who doesn’t know that he was chased by this group of cyber- villains who utilize codes and algorithms to get into key Federal government installations, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. They’re operating under a man named Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), who has used enough computer nerds in his operation that none of the computer hackers know who they are working for or what they are truly doing. As what I’ve understand, Thomas Gabriel lead this foolishness things to earn money. That’s it! They try to manipulate all. The traffic lights, the passages, the networks, everything that is computer involved! As I watched the movie, I realized how this technologies influence us and sometimes we are not aware that we are already reliant to this things. What if those hacking thing will happen to our country? Surely it’s a very big mess! I do hope we also have as heroic as John McClane and as genius as Matt Farell. Lol!
Anyway, the movie was full of actions and groundbreaking drama. It is realistic in a sense that “hacking” thing exists. But for me, “hacking” is not really bad. It depends on how you employ it. This innovation is best only when it helps us to ease our works not to harm people.

A computer-animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton. The story is about the box-liked robot named WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class) who has been left on earth to clean up the mess of the uninhabitable abandoned planet called “Earth”. He met this cold and suspicious hostile robot EVE who was deployed to search for signs of life on earth and fell in love. As he shows to EVE the plant that he discover in collecting the trash, EVE automatically send signal from nowhere and goes standby. WALL-E was so worried because a spaceship came and gets EVE. He anxiously tries to save EVE and clings to its hull. In the spaceship, WALL-E found out there is human passenger’s who suffer from severe bone loss and obese by relying on the ship’s automated system in many years. The plant made the captain dream and realizes that they must return to restore their home. There were some actions brought by WALL-E and his gang (malfunctioning robots) just to save the plant. The captain opens the holo-detector while fighting the villain AUTO, a robotic autopilot who doesn’t want to return to earth and rebels and trying to close the holo-detector. Unfortunately, WALL-E was crush as he holds open the holo-detector for the sake that plant will be place to it. EVE realized that she must brings WALL-E's body back to his home where she can find the parts of WALL-E and repairs and reactivates him. Unfortunately, WALL-E's memory is erased and he reverts to his original trash compactor programming. Heartbroken, EVE gives WALL-E a farewell "kiss" which causes an electric spark that reboots WALL-E's memory and restores him to his usual self. WALL-E and EVE happily reunite and join the humans and robots in restoring Earth's environment. Yehey!
All I can say is that WALL-E is a nice touching film. I loved this film so much I admit that I shed a few tears during it. This movie is a combination of a computer-animated science fiction and a love story that is done completely without dialogue.

The both movies included a theme technology. In the movie Die Hard4, it is realistic in a sense that hacking really exists while the movie WALL-E, it is futuristic in a sense that it shows what will be the face of our planet trough these years. I want to share this quote of Stanton that describe theme of the film WALL-E:

"irrational love defeats life's programming"
“I realized the point I was trying to push with these two programmed robots was the desire for them to try and figure out what the point of living was...It took these really irrational acts of love to sort of discover them against how they were built...I realized that that's a perfect metaphor for real life. We all fall into our habits, our routines and our ruts, consciously or unconsciously to avoid living. To avoid having to do the messy part. To avoid having relationships with other people. of dealing with the person next to us. That's why we can all get on our cell phones and not have to deal with one another. I thought, 'That's a perfect amplification of the whole point of the movie.' I wanted to run with science in a way that would sort of logically project that.”
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michael george guanzon

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PostSubject: Case #3   Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:05 pm

In this case study, we are tasked to watch at least two movies and give some insights about it.

The two movies that I choose to watch are: I,Robot and Wall-E.

WALL-E (2008)

Approximately seven hundred years in the future, the earth is over-run with garbage and devoid of plant and animal life; the consequence of years of environmental degradation and thoughtless consumerism. Humans are now living on the spaceship Axiom after vacating Earth centuries earlier. The original plan was for humans to live in outer space temporarily while cleaning robots prepared Earth for recolonization. However, after seven hundred years, only one cleaning robot remains:WALL-E.

In this 3D animated movie, you cannot identify or should I say hard to tell whether it is real or not. It really looks real. Especially the settings on earth and the looks of the robot. The movie or the author wanted to emphasized what the people wanted to have and epitomizes the desires for a better world or better future. In this movie also highlighted that the robots are created to make our life easier but not to the extent that all people becomes lazy and life will be dependent to robots.

I, Robot (2004)

Set in a future Earth (2035 A.D.) where robots are common assistants and workers for their human owners, this is the story of "robotophobic" Chicago Police Detective Del Spooner's investigation into the murder of Dr. Alfred Lanning, who works at U.S. Robotics, in which a robot, Sonny , appears to be implicated, even though that would mean the robot had violated the Three Laws of Robotics, which is apparently impossible. It seems impossible because.. if robots can break those laws, there's nothing to stop them from taking over the world, as humans have grown to become completely dependent upon their robots. Or maybe... they already have? Aiding Spooner in his investigation is a psychologist, Dr. Susan Calvin, who specializes in the psyches of robots.

Written by

The point of view of this movie is that,you cannot control all the robots and can be your slaves forever. There's also a time that the robots would change and can identify what is wrong and right thing to do.

Both Wall-e and I,Robot are movies that shows us the idealistic view of the future. I was amazed in the creation and effects of both movies . However, in my own insights, the "I, Robot" has the more realistic effects compare to the effects of the Wall-E movie. I find I,Robot movie more realistic because of the interaction made by humans and robots as if they were real.
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PostSubject: Case Study 3   Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:51 am

Watch at least two of the following movies:
Die Hard 4
Wall e
The fifth element
The Island
Babylon AD
I, Robot
Minority Report

Arrow Die Hard 4
As what i have remember to this movie , it is all about a hackers that were paid to hack the FbI's systems in order to manipulate the transportations like traffic lights and communications. After uploading the programs to hack the FBI's system they will kill the hackers. Fortunately, there was one hacker that was brought to FBI's office and willing to help to prevent these catastrophe that are about to spread.

Reaction: To this movie i learned that having a great knowledge in computers can give you powers to manipulate governments systems but i dont know if if really happened in the true world.hmnm. Hack to help people inorder to gain knowledge and to apply as a basic security of informations. I like the most scene was when the hacker justin long and the fbi agent bruce willis try to figure out where was the real enemy hiding. The exciting ideas how they figure it out.

Arrow Wall e
Wall e movie was a great animation movie. The robot wall e have a emotions because he fell love to another robot the he saw when that girl robot came to the earth to discover if there was a sign of life in the earth because the earth at that time was abandoned by humans because of the waster pollution. I hope it will not happen to us in real life.

Comparing the two movies die hard 4 was like a real scenario that could happened because even in the philippines our government system could really be hacked by other countries. I think the movies both have a lesson that we can learn specially we IT people are fun of technologies, so try to use technology in proper way so that we will not experience what the movie like.
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John Cesar E. Manlangit

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PostSubject: Case Study 3   Wed Mar 23, 2011 2:20 am

The two movies that I have watched were:


Wall-E is about a robot named Wall E who is designed to clean up a waste-covered Earth far in the future. He falls in love with a female robot named Eve.


Surrogates is about the widespread use of remotely-controlled androids called “The Surrogates” in the future.

For me, the two movies have a similarity when it comes to the context of the story. Both of the movies were set in the future and both of the movies have robots as the main characters of the story. The movies also show how technology will evolve in the future, and that we must be responsible in using these technologies so that we will not face the consequences by not being responsible in using these technologies. Both also were good films.
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PostSubject: Movie Review   Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:21 am


The movie was amazing and the concept was good. I liked how the Surrogates are user controlled, and there's no real threat of robotic uprising, although that should be the number one fear in this world but I don’t like it if it would really applied or used in reality because it would come to the point that people let robots do their living for them and everybody becomes useless as human. It should only help paraplegics feel the sensation of walking again. As a Surrogate, it allows you to be anybody that we will not know who the user of the Surrogate is. There's one moment in Surrogates that's so utterly fantastic and so face-meltingly awesome that it represents everything we hold to be true as human beings. But somehow, this movie let people realized that robots are not still certainly as good and better as human in all things in life especially on having a genuine human interaction and affection between every individual than just between with the robots or what you call it surrogates.


The movie was so entertaining, so sweet, so cute and so beautiful. The animation is stunning. The sound design is good and the little dialogue there is witty. WALL-E is such a joyous film you can't help but be totally caught up in the world of a lonely robot looking for love. It's a touching sci-fi love story. You can take from it the lesson of protecting our environment. And it's definitely a cautionary tale about our reliance on technology to do everyday tasks for us. Pixar's put together yet another movie to be enjoyed by all ages and one sure to go down in history as one of the best animated movies ever created. I know those are strong words, but I believe they are completely justified.


The movie was very well directed. Just by watching it makes me fantasize a lot. Wondering how good my life would be if I had robots like those. On the other hand, when u think about it, it does have disadvantages. Such as, people not having jobs because robots are taking over what people can do. Another, it makes me think as an IT student on how they could program a robot so complex that it almost seems like its human. But then again, people say: "Yesterday's science fiction is tomorrow's reality."

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PostSubject: Re: Case Study 3 (Due: January 6, 2011)   Today at 3:10 am

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Case Study 3 (Due: January 6, 2011)
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